May 2013

Your students are in good hands and we very much appreciate being in the most lovely yoga studio anywhere. Thank you for providing a peaceful place to practice and the city’s best instruction. Your long time and devoted student.


January 2010

Cynthia – Boise
Taking a class with Vickie is like having a mini workshop. I learn so much!

December 2009
John – Boise
I enjoyed learning a new skill that I will incorporate into the rest of my life.

BSU student – Boise
This is a wonderful course and a fabulous life skill. Thank you for your time and expertise.

BSU student – Boise
I loved the class. This was one of the most fun things I have done all semester. I hope to take yoga again.

Amy – Boise
I really enjoyed doing moves over and over again. It really made a difference overall. I found things I never really knew I could do and learned to do them better.