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The Boise Yoga Center is not a gym where you get a “workout.” We prefer to call it a yoga practice where each class builds progressively on the last to help each student maximize their full potential. Our Certified Iyengar Yoga Teachers are trained to watch students and assist them with ideas of how to do poses in a healthy way so there’s no harm done. We teach you how to move in a better way, maintaining proper physical alignment, so that you can have more freedom from your stiffness as you develop strength and flexibility in a safe and comfortable way.

As a Beginner to yoga, you can start at any time in one of our classes for Beginners and continue on with that teacher in that time slot or move around to different teachers in different time slots in your level.  An 8-week introductory session is also available at various times of the year.

Class attendance and Drop-ins: We encourage you to sign up for a specific class so that the teacher can get to know you and your individual needs and be able to help you progress effectively week by week. However, if your schedule is erratic, you’re welcome to come to different classes on your punch card.  Keep in mind that your class card does expire at a certain date noted on your card. No extensions and no refunds unless we cancel a class.

Props: Bringing your own mat is ideal for hygiene purposes, but we do furnish mats and all of the other props you will need for your practice. We also sell these items in our office retail area, cash or check, no plastic.

Clothing:  Be prepared to work in clean, bare feet and hands, no lotions or oils, please, as they make you slippery on your mat. Most students wear a T-shirt and shorts or footless tights or capris. Long and/or baggy pants are not recommended as they obscure the alignment needed to ensure a safe practice.

What are Iyengar classes like? We don’t do the same poses every week, but divide the practice during the  month to cover all the ranges of movement. Each teacher presents a sequence of poses according to class level and progress, adding new poses, done in inspiring ways, to keep the practice fresh and fun. Class ends with a relaxing pose of awareness.