Class Descriptions

B.K.S. Iyengar states:
“The yoga experience parallels life experience,
how to be free and strong, and let the joy
that’s within us be boundless.”


Beginner’s Classes are for those new to yoga or those students who would like to have a refresher course. Pre-registration is suggested and students may attend for as long as desired for increased understanding and confidence.

Level I classes are for students who have some experience in shoulderstand and have either completed the intro course, have three months previous Iyengar yoga experience or six months in the other styles of yoga. The foundation poses and shoulder stand will be consolidated and head stand will be introduced.

Level 2 classes are for students with previous Iyengar training who are strong in standing poses and can perform headstand, shoulderstand and backbends.

Level 3 Level 3 classes are for students with at least one year of Iyengar yoga experience and have a working knowledge of Sirsasana (head stand) and Sarvangasana (shoulder stand). Although this class is not built as a session of classes, you are expected to regularly attend (no beginners). This will allow for more penetration into the Asanas and Pranayamas. Classes will build from one to the next. Drop-ins by permission only.

Gentle Yoga is for students desiring a slower approach or those with specific needs.

Pranayama Breathing Pranayama is used to cleanse the body and the mind. The ancient yogis developed breathing techniques to maximize the benefits of the life force (prana) through the various stages of breathing. These techniques are used in a separate practice to clear and cleanse the body and mind as well as prepare for more profound meditation.

Restorative Poses are gentle, supported poses designed to calm the nervous system, passively strengthen the body and create relaxation.

Private/Semi-Private is for people with specific health concerns, a desire to set up a regular practice, or refine an established practice.

We are a fully equipped studio – no need to bring your own props. We also have props for sale for your home use.